Nick Bell Design


Climate science gallery projections

At the entrance of the Atmosphere gallery the Science Museum wanted to make sure visitors understood the long chain of cause and effect that is for them the science of climate change. This is the first thing a visitor sees on entering the gallery. We think it is a lot of words to take in. Its presence is an expression of the Science Museum's anxiety over the potentially negative responses climate change deniers might have given if the logic of the science wasn't watertight. There was no response from the deniers when the gallery opened in 2010 so the Museum had succeeded. We used animation to try to keep visitors watching this projection as long as possible. The colourful, animated graphic projections that covered floor and ceiling further inside the gallery dynamically register the greenhouse gas emitting game-play of visitors. This generative graphic was built on a grid of diagonals that formed hexagonal units comprised of three tonally variant parallelograms. For the design of the Atmosphere gallery, the Science Museum's climate science gallery. A collaboration with Casson Mann and interaction designers AllofUs.


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