Nick Bell Design


Climate science gallery films

As part of the design of the Atmosphere gallery, the Science Museum's climate science gallery, we made three films in double widescreen format using mostly archive footage. Nervous of the response of climate change deniers, the Science Museum wanted to make sure visitors understood the long chain of cause and effect that is for them a watertight science of climate change. Our hope is that we would sustain visitor interest through our original selection of footage - all of which contains a 'horizon line' across the middle for formal continuity. These films are intended as a window on the world in contrast to the abstract graphic language of the gallery. Over the 3 films the camera gets closer: from people as dots in the landscape to close-up in the action. No one looks into the lens or even acknowledges the camera. The camera doesn't decide anything - its locked-off, it just watches as the world goes by. The idea being to present climate change as not just industry's problem - but everyone's problem - a problem for the multiple practices of everyday life. If people can alter those practices they can create new sustainable satisfiers for our universal needs.


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