Nick Bell Design


Nelson, Navy, Nation gallery in Greenwich opens

The National Maritime Museum’s new flagship permanent gallery Nelson, Navy, Nation opens to the public on 21 October 2013. The gallery is the result of a close two-year-long collaboration between lead consultant Casson Mann (3d), Nick Bell Design (2d) and the Museum team (curation). The design sets a new standard in quality and accessible engagement at the Museum. Period references, (port bottle label typography, maritime map illustration), given a modern graphic re-drafting, ensure the graphic interpretation has a visual identity very much all its own that is born exclusively from its content. Our approach is a refreshing break from the institutional voice of the Museum and consequently adds to the sense of immersion in a space that tells the dramatic story, from 1688­-1815, of how the Royal Navy shaped everyday lives, became a central part of society and cemented Britain’s place in the world.


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